The Journey Begins


That was the question I was asked when I was deep into my 1st year of program manuals. After sitting through an hour of “why” Pathways, I was even more focused on the “two year clock” that was ticking, if I were to complete my DTM the traditional method. As new members arrived in our club, I needed to understand Pathways, if I had any hope of properly supporting their efforts. I launched this blog in an effort to answer questions and give advice that could make your journey more straight forward.

You’ve delivered your Ice Breaker – now what?

In the traditional program, it was fairly intuitive. You whipped out your CC manual and went to work on Speech #2. If you’re new to Pathways, it doesn’t seem to be as obvious on what to expect next. Our friend, Mark Snow over in D69, created a nice visual aid, to show the workflow for all Level 1 paths:

As you can see, it all starts with an Ice Breaker (just like the traditional program), but your 2nd speech and your 3rd speech are “related”. With your 2nd speech (which can be 5-7 minutes on anything you want, in any style you choose), you deliver that speech and receive an evaluation. For your 3rd speech, you deliver your 2nd speech, incorporating the feedback from your previous evaluation. This is a great opportunity to experience progress and growth, within your first 3 speeches.