What? I have to be an Evaluator to complete Level 1?

Yes. You will ultimately need to serve most of the meeting roles by the time you complete other levels as well. Don’t fret, either serving willingly or being volun-told to tackle various meeting roles is part of how we learn and grow in Toastmasters. How can you make sure you get credit in Pathways?

Log into you profile at https://www.toastmasters.org/

Once in your profile, head over to your Pathways Transcript:


While in your Transcript screen, click the “wheel” to the right of your picture and select “My Account” from the drop down menu.


This opens up the Preferences tab, that allows you to enter your role service dates.


It’s a “best practice” to enter the dates as you perform the roles, even if your current level doesn’t require it. A number of members have shared their frustration on either not knowing or forgetting to document when they have performed a role and found out when they were unable to move on past their current level because this information was missing from their profile.

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