Level 1 is Complete: Did My Club Get Credit?

You completed Level 1 (congrats). You notified your VPE (yes there are auto-notification alerts to your club’s President, VPE & Secretary, however we are human and are known to miss things). Once they have approved your Level 1 completion and if you log back in to your curriculum, you’ll see the “Print Certificate” button, receiving a .pdf similar to this:


As a best practice, I save these .pdf’s to my local hard drive, or screen capture it on my iPad for future reference.

When I completed my first L1, I assumed that when I got my handy, dandy completion certificate, my club would also receive their DCP credit for my accomplishment. I must have been napping during Pathways training, but there is one final step for credit to post into the DCP tracking system. A club officer still needs to log into Club Central and manually enter the Educational Award, as the two systems are not integrated at this time.

Originally, I questioned the extra step, however it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I have built into my personal process, emailing the certificate to the VPE of the club I want to give credit to. For those of us who belong to multiple clubs, it allows you to optimize assignment to a club who actually can benefit from your accomplishment. For example, if one of my clubs have already maxed out with 4x Level 1’s, an additional L1 from me won’t help the cause. I’ll assign it to another club who will benefit from this specific achievement. If you are unsure about the status of your clubs, check out the dashboards under Leadership Central – Distinguished Performance Reports:


…or talk to your VPE.

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