I used to be “ACS, ALB”…now how does it work?

Of all of the questions you could ask 10 people, this is the one that you might get 15 different answers to. In the legacy program, you started with your initial CC and CL manuals. Once completed, you carried designations from both the Communication and Leadership tracks.

Pathways changes that. Paths are singular in nature and your designation takes on the initials of your path (LD = Leadership Development & 5 = Level 5), such as LD5. Seems simple and until you get to DTM (through either program), you carry the designation of the 1) highest level achieved of the 2) latest path accomplished. I started Leadership Development and worked it in parallel with both the traditional program as well as a second path, Team Collaboration. Having completed both paths, TMI officially classifies me as a TC5:

What about my other designations? This is where there is a diverse opinion. There is nothing that prevents you from carrying all legitimate designations, although it can seem to be quite an alphabet soup:

Just know that the TMI database carries your highest, most recent accomplishment, but club systems (like FTH) aren’t integrated and are free form as part of your profile. Until I’m a DTM, you’ll see me carry as many as will fit…and with this being my 8th Post, I’ll sign off as DaWane Wanek, ACG, ALB, LD5, TC5, VC4.

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