I’m a Club Officer, How Do I Know Who Has Embraced Pathways?

If you are the President, VPE or Secretary, there are a number of detailed reports inside Base Camp that you have access to as a Base Camp Manager. Those reports are designed to give you specifics on who is progressing through which Paths.

If you are not a BCM or just want to know who has at least, begin their Pathways journey, the simplest way is via Club Central, which all officers have access to. Log in to Club Central and look for your Club Roster:

Inside your Club Roster, the detailed member list now shows a Pathways status under the member’s name and #:

This quick view shows you at least who has enrolled in Pathways and who has not. It’s an easy way to determine what type of effort might be needed to encourage your members to take that first step and embrace the future of Toastmasters. Now that all Districts have had Pathways formally rolled out, the future is now.

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