Am I Entitled to a 2nd Free Path?

Possibly. If you happened to be a dual member (a member of more than one club) back when your specific district launched Pathways, then yes – you get a 2nd path for no cost.

Our friend Nancy Bateman, the Pathways guru extraordinaire over in D50, crafted an easy to use form letter that can be emailed to TMI:

If you are requesting your second free learning path in online materials, please copy and paste the script below and send in an email to World Headquarters. The email address and text for the subject line follow. Club officers should not complete this task for you.



Dear Toastmasters International Supply Order Team,

I held a dual membership as a Toastmaster in District 50 when Pathways launched in our District on February 13, 2018. I have taken my assessment and selected my first learning path. This email is my official request to provide my second free learning path in Pathways.

First and Last Name: Name

Member ID: Number

Email address: Email

Club Name: Club

Club Number: Number

2nd Free Path Requested: Path Name

Thank you in advance for your assistance,


Obviously you’ll want to replace “District 50” with your specific district number and you’ll want to change the launch date to that of your respective district. (For those in D33, the launch date was September 19, 2017.) For other districts, check with your leadership team or a local Pathways guide.

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