My club got DCP points for completing CC’s in the legacy program. How does all of that work in Pathways?

In addition to having a passion for Pathways, I also care deeply about our Distinguished Club Program (DCP). It’s how the success and overall health of a club is measured. It’s also how we measure the performance of our Area, Division & District leaders, as well as I’m sure others up the food chain.

The best way to explain it is to look at a club report. This is from my D33 home group: Say Watt (2295):

It took 2x CC’s to equal one DCP “credit”. In Pathways, it takes 4x Level 1‘s to accomplish the same. As you can see, the higher you move up the levels, the less completions required to get credit.

I personally believe the two are in parity. Six (6) was the max credit a club could earn in the legacy program, and 6 remains the limit in Pathways. While we are in the two year period of overlap, 6 is still a combined limit as well.

Move your journeys along, recruit new members, and do the minimum fundamentals expected of club leadership, and you too can be part of a 10/10 club experience.

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